1. What is NJRide?

NJRide is your personal accredited driver

NJRide represents that all our cars and drivers are accredited according to each country's laws worldwide. This will provide drivers and passengers safety, insured and legal services.

NJRide represents that passengers can make on-demand bookings or book for a specific time and date.

2. Why should i use NJRide?

NJRide is designed to be user friendly and dynamic

NJRide will provide experienced and accredited drivers

NJRide will provide vehicles that will have appropriate levels of commercial insurance

• Electronic invoicing to a nominated email address with map referencing

• First app that provides taxis and hire car services under the same platform with instant as well as advanced time bookings NJRide cashless services without pre-bookings

• First web booking system with live GPS tracking system and listings of all completed and upcoming bookings including processed invoices

3. Will NJRide suit to passenger and driver?

NJRide has two separate apps available for drivers and passengers. These apps can be downloaded from the Apple App store or Google Play store. In this way drivers and passengers are connected.

4. Is easy to use and reliable?

NJRide is designed to be user friendly and dynamic

• Passengers and drivers can see the current location of each other on the map and passengers get an estimated time of arrival of their driver

5. How can I use NJRide?

Download, register, click and book.

6. How should i download NJRide?

You can download the NJRide passenger app from the Google Play store or Apple App store for free.

7. Do I need to pay any additional fees or charges?

There is no registration fee or hidden charges. In fact NJRide rates are very price competitive. Furthermore, NJRide is removing surcharges on cashless transactions making passenger trips safe, secure and affordable.



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